Construction Administration Services

Elemental Designs creates bid documents to facilitate contractor procurement; distributes relevant project information and copies of drawings to potential bidders; reviews contractor bids and checks for proper bid preparation; provides the necessary contract documents; observes the implementation of a design or observes the landscape construction activities conducted on the project site; manages contract administration documents involved with the project; makes general suggestions and answers questions regarding the project's construction; observes the contractors work as needed; and consults with contractor as needed to facilitate the proper implementation of the landscape design.

Post-Construction Evaluation

An examination of a site’s uses, views, material condition, maintenance practices, location and other factors to determine whether it has met the goals that were set for it during the design phase. This evaluation is typically performed no earlier than a year after a site’s construction completion date. Examples of information examined in a Post-Construction Evaluation include but aren’t limited to the answers to questions such as: Who or what is using the site? Why are they using the site? What’s being used at the site? How is the site being used? Did the site achieve the goals that were set for it? Does the site appear and function the way it was intended? What kind of condition is the site in? What is successful? What is not successful? What appears to be influencing the behavior of people or animals using the site? How can the site be improved?