Maintenance Consulting and Observation Services

A landscape architect employed by Elemental Designs observes the condition of the landscape after maintenance services have been performed on a property or to observe the landscape maintenance activities on a property.  Elemental Designs’ landscape architect will make general suggestions and answer questions regarding the landscape maintenance on the site to the best of his or her abilities.

Maintenance Program/Instructions

A document or set of instructions, which suggests the type and frequency of care that may be needed to help the landscape to stay in a healthy or visually acceptable condition for a period of years.

Landscape Inspections

An examination and evaluation of a site's overall condition and condition of various landscape items/elements. A landscape inspection typically includes, but is not limited to inspecting the condition of items such as pavement, patios, walls, joints, mortar, cement, stone, plants, decks, fireplaces, fire pits, pools, water features, walkways, irrigation systems, and driveways.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Over the years, the one reason why landscapes lose their luster shortly after their installation is because there is a disconnect between the goals and objectives established for the project/landscape and the practices of the maintenance company. Some of the best and most beautiful landscapes can look like a complete mess, after only a couple of years, if they're not properly maintained or maintained in a proper manner that's inline with the original goals, objectives, and visions established by the landscape architect and the client. There are many instances where a landscape is installed and the client is left to hire a landscape maintenance company with only their memory and a set of plans to guide them with ensuring the property is maintained in the proper way. Even a good landscape maintenance company that uses proper maintenance techniques may still have trouble inferring a designer's overall vision or intent for a space. This becomes especially difficult to determine when over time a client has grown to forget part or all of the vision/intent for a space. Creating a written maintenance program for the property, by continuing to collaborate with the landscape architect and the maintenance company after a landscape's construction, can help to ensure the long term vision for the property is achieved and sustained for many years.