Elemental Designs provides exemplary landscape architecture design and consulting services. We have experience in the residential, commercial, and public sectors of landscape architecture. Landscape architectural work within the residential and commercial sectors is our primary focus. We provide design, consulting, and construction administration services for properties and projects that range in size from very large (acres) to very small (a planting bed). We place a strong emphasis on listening to the needs and objectives of the owners, users, and stakeholders involved with a project. Our collaborative experience with other professionals such as engineers, architects, builders, and other planning professionals, assists in ensuring each project achieves the desired goals and objectives. All of the parties involved receive the personal attention they deserve and we strive to maintain a good working relationship with each and every one of them. Elemental Designs is committed to delivering the highest level of professional service to its clients.

Elemental Designs is a company that provides landscape architecture design services. The company does not perform the landscape construction/installation itself, but does provide construction administration services, so each project is seen through to completion. The end result is a beautiful landscape that's built of the highest quality.

At Elemental Designs we don't just hear what people have to say, we listen to what they have to say. Clear and open communication tends to play a vital part in ensuring a project runs smoothly.

Building a lasting trust with the owners, users, and stakeholders involved in a project is important to us. By building strong relationships with the individuals involved in a project, we not only give them peace of mind knowing the project is in good hands, but we help ensure a pleasant business relationship for years to come.

We strive to provide all the individuals involved with a project with the most accurate information possible, so they can make the proper decisions throughout the landscape project.

All of the people involved in a project are treated fairly and with respect. We value the opinions, privacy, time, and fiscal concerns of all the parties involved with a project. None of which get overlooked.

Why the hiring of separate companies for the landscape design and landscape construction/installation is of significant importance.

Hiring a landscape architect/landscape architecture company to provide the design services and a separate contractor to perform the project's installation is one of the best decisions a property owner can make. It will enable the landscape architect to act as a third-party facilitator between the contractor and the owner. The reason this is of great importance is because it eliminates the possibility of there being financial ties to the contractor, which could lead to a conflict of interest on the project. The ability of the landscape architect to properly observe, prescribe, support, and regulate the quality of work (ex: it's materials and methods of construction) is in the client's best interest and ensures corners won't be cut on a project. This ultimately saves time, money, and aggravation in both the short and long term. The health, welfare and safety of the public is a landscape architect's top priority and by hiring a separate landscape architect or landscape architecture company to perform the design work, it will allow them to ensure the job is done right and done well the first time around.

Services Offered: